One of the more convicting questions in David’s talk from last week was “how much time do you spend watching TV?”  I started thinking about it – hours “catching up” with the latest show, a movie in the evening after an hour of news that leaves me more discouraged about the pain in this world.  It is not to say that there are not good things on TV, but when I count up the hours staring at the computer screen, the TV and the little phone screen – I realize why I’m shortchanging my time with God.  Sunday is a good day to unplug and enjoy the quiet.  I’m fortunate to be at an age where I don’t have to run from church to soccer or baseball and can catch up on laundry and shopping on another day.  To know someone intimately takes time.  It is an investment in time and trust and that trust doesn’t come overnight.  To be able to leave our concerns in God’s hands requires knowing Him and knowing that His plans for us are good and that He desires a real relationship with us.  It means listening and speaking

God invites us to know Him personally, not merely to know of or about Him.  He desires to draw us into a real relationship, a relationship as personal and tangible as the most enduring we’ve experienced in life.  He desires for us to have first-hand knowledge of Him, not to settle on second-hand heresay of others.  He calls us to know Him for ourselves.   DB


Draw near to the Father and HE will draw near to you.