Dear friends,

Was looking up a scripture for our dear Sue Prutting the other day and found such a great blessing in it that I thought I’d try to share it with you… As we study how to be disciples we are told in many of Paul’s letters that we should “put on” compassion and other qualities or that we should “clothe” ourselves with the  characteristics of our lovely Savior.  The Holy Spirit had quickened the word “clothe” to Sue and she was asking about what that meant.

Of course, we know that “putting on” in scripture is never an instruction to  merely act a part, to be a hypocrite (hypocrite in Greek means the big masks the actors wore on stage in amphitheaters). Instead, it is to intentionally imitate Christ on the outside while His Holy Spirit works on our insides. “In Christ”
is a key phrase in the New Testament; likewise, “Christ in you” is a major concept. It’s a dual action.

The real jewel in this hunt is in the Old Testament:  Judges 6:34.  It says that “the Spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon”,  a rather timid man who then became a might warrior for God.  Literally, the verse says:”The Lord clothed Himself with Gideon.”   in other words, God PUT ON Gideon!

Significance?  If it’s up to me alone, I might forget to “put on” Christ…. but if the Lord “puts on” ME,
He never forgets, and I can count on being a useful servant all the time!!  Isn’t He brilliant?

lots of love, Betsey