Dear friends,

Well, we gathered this last Wednesday and shared our thoughts and questions about the character of God.  We asked the Holy Spirit to flush out all ideas that we may have gotten from our culture, our family of origin, our own childish perceptions, or any church experience that malign God.  We learned that the work of the enemy of our souls, from Eden on, has been to alienate us from the One Who created us, Who yearns passionately to have a living, growing relationship with us, and Who gave up His only Son to bridge the gulf our pride and sin had created between us. We will continue to read God’s own Word – the testimonies He has gathered from many sources, all affirming that He is merciful, mighty, patient, loving, faithful, gracious, generous… ad infinitum.  He has promised us that as we seek Him with our whole heart He will be found (Jeremiah 29:13-14).

Here’s something to remember as you read the Bible and listen for the “still, small voice” within:  If anything you read or “hear” implies that you are not the dearest thing in the world to God, throw it away.   He chastens, but He never condemns one who has turned to Him for help. He tells the truth, but in total love.  He corrects, but with patience and good cheer.  Remember.

lots of love,