Went hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC yesterday, headed for the ruins of the unhappily named Rattlesnake Lodge. Some parts of the trail were mercifully almost flat, thanks to many switchbacks, but other inclines reminded me that a long climb needs more fuel than a latte and half a breakfast bar.  Lesson #1!

Just as I  was about to beg off in a bout of hypoglycemia, the Lord sent two jolly pilgrims down from the summit, both older and considerably heavier (!) than I. (Till then our only company had been whippet-thin marathoners.) “You’ll love the views!” they assured us.

Suddenly I was filled with energy, and I thought of how many times an intrepid Christian brother or sister, seemingly burdened more than I, has challenged me with their cheerful perseverance to keep on.

The views were  wonderful.  (Philippians 4:13)

All God’s Best,