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The Heart Check-up

by Kathryn Hanley

This a wonderful time to take a look at the condition of our hearts. Is it hard or soft? Is it willing to stretch, or has it become calloused and rigid. At the Ash Wednesday service today at All Saints the Priest read Psalm 51 where David pours his heart out to God. He is […]

A Faith Journey – Trusting the Lord

by Kathryn Hanley

A Faith Journey  — Dr. Kimberly Fong, Senior Pastor at Po’okela Church in Maui I met Kimberly when I attended her country church on a Sunday when Michael and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary in Hawaii.  Her lesson that day was so beautiful and the welcome so warm, (every visitor is greeted with a […]

Wonderful Prayer for the New Year

by Kathryn Hanley

Holy God of Heaven and Earth, I know that a thousand years are as a day to you, but we humans are bound up in time. As a new year is about to begin, please teach me to . . . * care more about people and less about things, * enjoy my work but […]

Words With A Friend

by Kathryn Hanley

One of the more convicting questions in David’s talk from last week was “how much time do you spend watching TV?”  I started thinking about it – hours “catching up” with the latest show, a movie in the evening after an hour of news that leaves me more discouraged about the pain in this world. […]

It’s in His Hands Now

by Kathryn Hanley

Everybody has problems. Christians are no different from unbelievers in that regard. But we are supposed to be different in the matter of faith. The Bible teaches us to trust God for solutions and to avoid the pitfalls of anxiety and worry. I’m not good at it! But I am still trying to learn how […]